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About Us

The Ultimate Truth In Quality

Ranfer Since 1985

Since our humble beginnings as Ceylon Tea Exporter since 1985, 
we have today ventured into new avenues,marking our presence
firmly in the global Black and Green Tea Industry. Our expertise 
spreads over the areas of Ceylon Black Tea, Ceylon Spices, Cloves
Desiccated Coconuts, Ayurvedic Tea, and Nutraceuticals. Catering
to a dynamic spectrum of multinational clientele, we provide award
-winning export services that are enjoyed in every corner of the world.
The Ranfer group consists of 8 companies operating in diverse sectors.
As one of Sri Lanka’s leading Tea, Spice and Coconut based products we offer a wide range of products and services catering to some of the world’s largest brands. We have been instrumental in creating some of them from inception and consistently maintain brands that have stood for over 150 years. Our attention to detail while adhering to the highest quality standards and procedures ensures a strong and reliable partner in your ventures into these commodity sectors. 

Backed by the international quality standards of IFS, ISO22000, ISO9001, Halaal, BRCGS, Sri Lanka Tea Board, Department of Indigenous Medicine, our dynamic and professional team will ensure you enjoy and end-to-end solution ensuring all international quality parameters are achieved. With a unique identification code assigned to every batch, we ensure complete traceability to every stage of your production.


To provide "The ultimate truth in quality in the Brand Name "RANFER" through its products of Tea, Desiccated Coconut, Spices. and Innovative Value Added Products.


We will strive to achieve our vision by implementing quality standards as required by our wide spectrum of overseas clientele, upgrading our Products & Services, and provide a good working environment for our employees to achieve those standards

Our Global Reach

We export to over 40 countries at present. We pride in being the exclusive Tea supplier to Five Roses in South Africa from Ceylon and Central Africa, we are the Custodians of the Punja Tea brand in Fiji and Polynesian region, We enjoy being one of the largest shipper to Syria and more. We offer services from Bulk teas to final products such as Tea bag cartons, and loose leaf tea cartons.
Our Specialists

Meet Our Skilled Team

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