Original Blends

High-quality Ranfer Teas are encased in utility packagings that differentiate its unique brand presence. They are both decorative on the shelf and offers perfect protection to its contents to ensure that the teas are protected to retain its excellent quality for as long as possible.

Ranfer only pledges high quality unique blends. Tea blending is very common and practically all tea sold in tea bags have been blended. Blending is done to stabilize the taste from year to year and to improve the quality of inferior teas by mixing them with more expensive ones. Flavours may also be added to make a blend more unique.

  RANROSE BOXBOARD tea from the Western district with good colour and strength.
BT-198 250g

  GOLD CUP BOXBOARD All round tea with good colour and taste
BT-199 250g

  7 O'CLOCK BOX BOARD Dimbulla BOP with a good taste and colour.
BT-195 250g

  ROYAL EMPRESS - METAL Select best Dimbulla Tea with unique flavour
BT-107 200g


EMPRESS - BOX BOARD Dimbulla BOP Western slopes plantation loacated at 4000 to 5500 feet above sea level.BT-130 BT-131 BT-132
250g 100g 50g

  ROSHIKA -BOX BOARD CARTON teas from the Western District with a pleasant taste.
BT-028B 250g

  ROSHIKA - BOX BOARD CARTON teas from the Western District with a pleasant taste.
BT-028A 100X2g

  COUNTESS - BOX BOARD CARTON -TB Dimbulla / Dickoya BOP with and alround taste and strength.

  RANFER TEA BAGS PREMIUM - BOX BOARD - TB Tea harvested from hill country manufactured according to the tradional chinese / japanese style.

  5 SEANAL TEA . BOX BOARD CARTON Dimbulla-Uva-Ruhunu-Kandy- Nuwara Eliya
BT-025 500g

Western High grown Tea with good taste and color
BT-186 BT-187
500g 250g

Dimbula Teas with good colour & strength
BT-001C BT-001B BT-001A
400g 200g 100g


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