Herbal Tea

Fine assortments of immensely popular herbal teas add a sense of variety. Not only do they have a deep satisfying taste and scent, but many people enjoy the inherent qualities of the flavouring herbs. For example, camomile tea is reputed to bring about a sense of relaxation that is conducive to peaceful sleep, while certain mint flavoured teas are said to have stimulating qualities. The Ranfer range of herbal teas promise to deliver a 'natural experience'.

Organic Tea

Tea drinkers are the unsung connoisseurs of the ages. Ranfer offers a selection of organic teas and infusions designed to surround the senses and satisfy the discerning palate. Every aspect of cultivation, handling and packaging is carefully inspected to ensure the authenticity of our promise. Ranfer organic teas are especially processed for tea drinkers that possess the passion for aroma and devotion to flavour.

Grown 100% free from pesticide.

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