The Ranfer Group is a strategic sourcing partner for its product portfolio consisting tea, spices, desiccated coconut and cashew. Its travel arm – Target Travels, offers both in-bound and out-bound packages. With its umbrella of products, Ranfer offers the convenience of being the single sourcing point to obtain the very best range of teas, world-famous Sri Lankan spices and trouble-free travel.

Ranfer, one of Sri Lanka's largest exporters of tea, began as a traditional trading house founded by Nirmal Ranasinghe and Travice Fernando. In addition to its head office being in Colombo and its ability to source fine quality teas from the Sri Lanka Tea Auction, Ranfer also has strategically positioned offices in Kenya and Malawi, for the access of African teas from Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Zaire and Zambia.

Ranfer is a corporate body conceptually developed to present itself as a one-stop sourcing agent. With two strategically located offices in Kenya and Malawi in-line with the policies of off-shore trading, Ranfer offers a reliable bulk tea service for the export market. Each order is carefully matched to the exact standard required by the client and delivery time takes as little as 02 weeks.

Sri Lankan Tea The Ceylon tea industry is over 150 years. When the then popular crop, coffee was struck by 'blight' in 1860, it took a backseat from being a dominant crop. As the coffee crop died, tea cultivation and production followed. Sri Lanka produces a subtle variety of teas. Her 200,000 hectares of tea-carpeted hills makes Sri Lanka one of the world's largest exporter of tea.

From the cool hills-climb of Nuwara Eliya to the full-bodied low-grown teas, nimble pluckers still handpick "two leaves and a bud". The plucked leaves are then collected and sent to a factory. At the factory, the tea leaves are withered on large troughs, then rolled, twisted and broken up to react with air. This results in fermentation and is a key process in the production of black tea.
The fermented leaf is then fired to stall further fermentation
Grading determines the value of the product and is finally weighed and packed.

Kenya / Malawi : Feature of the Group's activities has been its vision to achieve a well researched expansion programme into offshore trading. As a result it maintains two Trading Offices in Kenya and Malawi whose respective achievements have been extremely noteworthy and internationally recognized. In fact, the Group envisages establishing a Trading Office in Indonesia on a similar basis, during the course of this year. These offices at present are styled to source commodity requirements of the Group, and in doing so, it presents its overseas clientele an unique opportunity in meeting its sourcing requirements locally.

Ranfer Teas ( Kenya) Ltd : This Organization was established in 2003 (Regency Teas 1996) and has within a very short period of time gained recognition as one of the largest exporters from that center. The Chief Activist and the Director is Mr Chandu Brodie

Ranfer Teas Central Africa Limited : This Organization has been in operation since 1995 and has been the main supplier of tea to National Brands Ltd, South Africa. The Chief Activist and Executive Director of this Organization is Mr Kenneth Kelly.

Ranfer Teas Vietnam Limited : Truly global, Ranfer is now a firm presence in the Far East, having incorporated Ranfer Vietnam in 2011. The Chief Activist and Executive Director of this Organization is Mr Thusil Thissera.

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